Friday, October 12, 2018

Wildflowers by the Oregon Trail

On a trip back from Portland/Vancouver where my husband sometimes has to go to the V.A. we stopped at an historic marker and learned that part of the Oregon Trail crossed where we were traveling.  These beautiful wildflowers were growing by the trail and I photographed them and then painted them in oil.  Joining again today with Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday:

The Mountains by Latane

While I was at my son's house in Alabama for a nice long visit, I painted this watercolor. I've been told I do landscapes the best... but I do enjoy doing birds and flowers, too. Hope your week was filled with fun, happiness and art. Linking with Paint Party Friday

Friday, September 28, 2018

The Ospreys oil by Marie it is, the oil painting of the ospreys!  I had planned to take it to sell when I go to the Farmer's and Artisan's Market tomorrow, but have decided I can't part with it. :-) Joining in with Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday:

Friday, September 21, 2018

Swallow-tailed butterfly by Latane

I am visiting in Alabama but I brought along some of my art supplies. This is my attempt in watercolor of a swallow-tailed butterfly. Linking with Paint Party Friday

Friday, September 14, 2018

An older work

Working on an oil painting of an osprey so I decided since I am not done to  post this older piece, one of my ceramic tiles from years ago.  This is a four-tile piece with pomegranates, gingko leaves and berries I gave to a dear friend...… Also, below is the matted watercolor of the little grey bird I shared two weeks ago, ready to give away... Sharing today with Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday.

Red Barn by Latane

I had this visit planned with my son in Alabama for a few weeks and what timing is this!!! I escaped Hurricane Florence. It's nice and dry here and hot and typical south. I'll take that any day over what the people on the east coast are facing.

I haven't done any art since my arrival last Monday afternoon. My son is on vacation and we've just been laid back, taking life easy. I did bring my art supplies with me, though, and will get back to it very soon.

This one is one from my archives....

I think I have posted it before but my laptop does not have many pictures of my artwork on it... so I am desperate!!

Linking with Paint Party Friday

Friday, September 7, 2018

A Little Sparrow by Latane

I love sparrows. There are so many different varieties and I can not keep up with which is which but I enjoy them nonetheless. Hope you enjoy this little fellow. Linking with Paint Party Friday