Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hollyhocks by a Fence by Latane

I haven't been on Michael's Scribble Picnic for awhile now. My subjects did not match his weekly theme but I will be on there whenever I can match. 

This one isn't exactly what Michael asked for. He asked for a picket fence. Would this qualify? It may be stretching it a bit! 

However, here it is....


  1. I adore hollyhocks and this one is perfect!
    Latane the fence is great - a country fence of wood is certainly what I would consider to be a picket fence.

  2. I think it qualifies, it is lovely!

  3. I think it's lovely and surely would qualify. Picket fences are varied. There's one not too far from me painted bright blue! Yours is lovely and I do love the hollyhock.

  4. Beautiful Hollyhocks ... and the fence comes close enough to picket fence in my book. Your picture is so "Spring" which we all have been waiting for, but here I think we jumped right into summer ... last three days have been in the 80's. Doesn't matter though, I look forward to the blooming of all the beauty of spring and summer. Great drawing, Latane ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  5. Sure, that works. It's still an old fashioned style fence which was the main idea s they have such charm. Lovely to have you back here, Latane. And a lovely job too. Thank you.